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We’ve probably all heard the proverb: “there are two sides to every coin.” But until we turn the coin over, we can see only one side. That’s the way it can be between managers and workers. Each group might see only one side – their own. And most of the books and articles have been written for the management side.

Will Murphy turned the coin over to focus on workers and that really challenged my thinking.

While Will wrote the book for workers, it can be a useful tool for managers to take a step back and “listen” to the words of employees. He also provided inspirational tips for workers to make their daily lives better (tips I might add that can also help managers in their own lives).

It’s an easy and fast read, but nevertheless requires managers to suspend judgment and re-examine what they’ve accepted as fact.

Linda Gorchels, Author, Management Trainer, Consultant

What people have to say…

Simple and direct. This book should be in the hands so many workers, especially young people who are still trying to figure out how work fits into their lives…

It’s about time that the people doing the work have someone talk to them.

Construction Crew Member

I’m giving everyone at my business this book – it reminds me to be better and it reminds my workers that they have a reason to do good work.

I found the book didn’t overwhelm me by being too long or wordy.  It is a good ‘how to’ book that you can carry around and open to one of the bulls-eyes when the boss gets to you.

Office Worker

WOW!  Just finished your book and it was sharp, hit the mark by not pulling punches and really gave a voice to thousands of workers who believe they are never heard or understood.  I really liked the bulls-eye points, because they were simple and direct and gave me something I could do without trying to change anyone else.