As attested in my curriculum vitae, I have published in a number of highly ranked journals.   My ongoing efforts are ultimately about improving business performance and I select projects that meet this aspiration. As result, I find my self working with colleagues spanning multiple disciplines, ranging from sales management, supply chain management, business ethics, quality management, and international business.   For many of my papers just click on the titles to gain access!  For others, I have permission to provide pdfs – just click and open these!  I hope you find my work useful, bringing you new insights as you grow your businesses.

Download my vitae/resume (PDF): 2023 June MURPHY VITAE

Salari, T., & W. H. Murphy, (2022), “Light at the End of a Very Dark Tunnel: An Examination of the Survival and Recovery Strategies of Iranian Tourist Accommodation Businesses During the Covid-19 Pandemic,Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol 0(0), 1-16; pdf: 2022 THR Iranian EcoLodges through the Pandemic

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Point of Interest:  Downloaded over 3,880 times between November 2016 publication and today. Since publication, this paper has been discussed at length in the official Baldrige blog of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and by a Harvard scribe.

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