China Seminar
I teach a wide range of classes including international business, sales management, marketing management, marketing strategy, and personal selling. Given the international focus of some of my research, including my work in supply chain management, KAM in China, and cross cultural challenges for management, my international business teaching has been flourishing. My core expertise is in sales management and marketing strategy, subjects I have taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels. My undergraduate class sizes are typically 30 – 60 students, though I have taught large introductory classes as large as 240 students. My MBA classes are typically 40 – 50 students.

My well-received classes have earned me several awards, including the MBA Professor of the Year Award (2010/11), MBA Professor of the Year Award (2009/10), a Favorite Instructor Award (2006), the Dean’s Academic Staff Excellence in Teaching Award (2005) and the MKT Professor of the Year Award (2002).

As part of my ongoing teaching duties, I teach MBA classes in International Business and Marketing Management. I use lectures, cases, and invited guests as an integrated pedagogy to assure that students have a good foundation. In MBA classes, I also challenge students to reflect on their own business experiences to enrich the learning experience. Given my professional background, along with numerous consulting activities, I have been involved in MBA programs and executive education at each of my prior institutions. I have also been the faculty coordinator and host of the international component to MBA programs at my current university and at my prior university, the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  This role has included my being responsible for arranging in-country activities for student trips to China including determining teaching components, selecting company and embassy visits, as well as deciding on cultural activities and sightseeing .