I am glad you are visiting my site! I’ve included several useful resources – after all, your visit is about you and what you get from visiting.

For those interested in careers in marketing-related fields, from customer service, to advertising, to brand management, among others, take a look at Executive Comments on Careers.

For those wanting to see and hear executives discussing strategy, I’ve included roundtable discussions with senior McDonalds and Countrywide Bank executives – you will see a “down under” perspective from these seasoned executives.

I have been fortunate to have over 16 years of involvement in China, where I have the great pleasure of being connected to CEIBS, a world class business university in China. Through CEIBS, I have met numerous executives, with my work in China giving rise to two publications, each focused on effective practices in Key Account Management in China – see my Publications tab for links to these.

Under the publications tab there are links to most of my published work, each easily accessed via google scholar or other online paths. For readers involved in small businesses, a paper from 2016 might be of particular interest – since its Q4 2016 publication, “Quality management (QM) leads to Healthier Small Businesses,” in the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, has been downloaded over 2,600 times.

Other tabs on my site let you know about me and my involvements, while hopefully helping you learn and grow.  If you are keen to learn more about my activities , take a look at my bio.  To gain a more complete sense of my professional life, you are also welcome to peruse my Vitae/Resume 2018 January Murphy Vitae  

Quote to believe in…


People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things.  When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.

Norman Vincent Peale


Executive’s Comments on Sales & Marketing Careers

Here, executives share their thoughts about their jobs, what they most like and dislike about their work, and the qualities they look for in recruits. (click here).

Resources for Business Students and Professionals

Take a look at PDF docs for improved selling & sales management, marketing and international business.  Each document gives you a “best practices” perspective, making you more prepared to succeed.  I hope you find them useful! (click here)

Will’s Discussions with Global Executives

Round table discussions with Mc Donald’s and Countrywide Bank. The discussions are available in MPEG1 video format, which should work with your default media player. Click on the icons below to play the video of your choice.

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