Consulting Summary

I have a wide range of management training programs focused on growing skills, capabilities, and knowledge of executives.

Following many years of conducting Executive and MBA-level training/education seminars in the United States, Canada, and China, I am able to bring good value in a number of forums.

To be absolutely clear about priorities:  I will only engage in executive education and consulting activities when I am certain that clients will be pleased with the outcome.  Life is too short to waste my time or the valuable time of others if good value is in doubt.


A favorite of numerous clients are my Customer Centricity Workshops.  These are 1/2 day to full day thought provoking workshops aligning teams in a common purpose toward working together to create superior value for customers.

Below are topics/titles indicating areas of expertise on which I am available to talk with groups.

These topics/titles can be “off the shelf” or customized to meet particular client requirements. Customization decisions tend to depend on client time, budget, and training objectives.



Typical Audience

Professional Selling

  • Intensive training for new salespeople
  • Developing partnership selling skills
  • Time and Territory Management skills
  • New sales people
  • Experienced sales people
  • Personnel being considered for a shift to sales
Sales Management
  • Sales force management as a strategic issue
  • Recruitment, motivation, and appraisal processes for building a professional sales force
  • Sales force training
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Coaching and motivating sales people
  • Sales people being groomed for sales management
  • Sales managers requiring additional training & skill enhancement
Key Account Management
  • Designing a successful key account program
  • Metrics for selecting key accounts
  • Sell through complex purchasing structures
  • Positioning the company to compete strategically
  • Anticipating future needs of key accounts
  • Building a strong competitive position
  • Sales managers
  • Sales directors
  • Marketing managers
  • Business development managers
  • Product managers
Marketing Concepts for Executives
  • Building a strong brand
  • Definition of marketing
  • Marketing decision making and marketing planning
  • Mastering the basics
  • Growing customer equity
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • Customer closeness through market intelligence and market research
  • Go-to-Market strategies: channels
  • Mid-level marketing and non-marketing executives
The Quality Service Advantage
  • Why superior service is critical for solid brand performance
  • Identifying gaps in service performance
  • Learning how to close service gaps through effective leadership skills
  • Customer service executives
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing managers
Improved Marketing Communications: Brand Building on the Web
  • Understanding critical steps from strategy to execution
  • Branding on the internet and what it means for the brand
  • Website interactions and metrics
  • Linking offline and online strategies
  • Emerging insights
  • Communications managers/ directors/specialists
  • Advertising managers/ directors
  • Brand/product managers
  • Marketing managers/directors
Doing Business in China
  • Why companies need to be in China
  • Stages of commitment
  • Issues to resolve in choosing how to grow in China
  • Negotiations in China
  • How to acquire and retain talent
  • Executives involved in business development and planning
  • Marketing and sales personnel with global responsibilities
  • Global operations personnel


  • National Roofing Contractor Association
  • AstraZeneca
  • Dalsin & Son, Inc. (roofing contractor)
  • Roche
  • China Life Insurance Company
  • Novartis
  • Ping An Insurance Company
  • 3M
  • Sinochem
  • Aventis
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Eli Lilly
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • PharmacyOneSource

Clyde Bergemann Machinery, Shanghai; Tredegar Film Products Company Ltd; Shanghai Petrochemical Company Ltd; CVIC Software Engineering Co., Ltd; Black & Decker, China; Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd; Strong Foods; Buick; Owens Corning; Shanghai Grasso Refrigeration Equipment Co.; Henkel Adhesive Company-Shanghai; Hutchison Optel Telecom Ltd; Panrico Food Processing Center; Jiangsu Chenfeng Group Co., Ltd; Shantou Henkel Adhesives-Beijing; YunNang Coshine Investment Co., Ltd; N.S.I.; Wonders Information Co., Ltd; InterChina Distribution Co., Ltd; Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd; China Jinshan Associated Trading Corp; Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd; Linkage System Integration Co., Ltd; ABB High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd; Beijing Plus-Gangyan Orthopedic Products; Amphenol Runway Technology Co., Ltd; Sunyard System Engineering Co., Ltd; Brown-Forman Worldwide L.L.C.; Shanghai New Asiatic Pharmaceuticals Co.; Shanghai Hanson; Schering Plough China Ltd; Shanghai Foxboro Company; Hetruth System Ltd ; Brown-Forman Spirits Asia Pacific; Guang Dong Mobile Telecom Co. Ltd; Bosch Trading Co. Ltd; Huntsman Polyurethanes Co. Ltd; Johns Manville; Osram Fosham Lighting Co. Ltd; Maersk Logistics; Schering; GE Medical Systems China.