Executive’s Comments on Careers

The Challenging and Rewarding Careers of Sales, Marketing, and Advertising Executives

Insights for job seekers and professionals

William H. Murphy, PhD

The following is a revealing look at how sales, marketing, and advertising executives view their professions and how they strive to bring success to their firms.  This anthology, based on interviews conducted with numerous executives, provides iChina Seminarnsights into the lives of executives in these exciting professions, the challenges they face in striving to grow their businesses, and the rewards gained in pursuing careers on the front lines.  These executives are ultimately all focused on the prize – facilitating exchange by understanding market and competitive dynamics and doing so through time by satisfying customers profitably. 

For college students contemplating their choice of major, including possible careers in sales, marketing or advertising, these stories provide insights for your considerations. For the soon-to-graduate student, these stories provide insights that can be used to sharpen interviewing readiness and for understanding your career options in a personal and revealing way. For the seasoned executive, these stories provide an opportunity to explore future directions for your career climb, as well as to rejuvenate and refocus your energies.

Enjoy this collection – each is the true story of an executive who is striving to grow their business. Each is a tale of the demands of being a professional in the demanding and highly rewarding sales, marketing, and advertising professions.

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