Sverre Prytz has endorsed your work (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Dear William,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation:

“Dr. Murphy is a phenomenal consultant and motivator. I have used him on several occasions with my teams both to provide deep insights on sales and key account management, but also specifically on how to successfully do business in China. Dr. Murphy has the ability to take very complex situations and distill them into clear and actionable recommendations that is immediately useful. I would strongly recommend him for training programs, motivational sessions, knowledge building with your team, etc. I am happy to provide more detailed feedback to anyone that is considering working with Dr. Murphy”

Service Category: Business Consultant
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Sverre Prytz


Joe Slezak


Your presentation did BLU proud. Thanks for your contribution. You really had high ratings, people liked you, and we want you back at BLU for other sessions. The senior team will be able to appreciate your knowledge of China.

Thanks for all your help and enthusiasm.



Cross Section of Comments Received from programs in key account management, communications (building strong web presence), marketing for non-marketing executives:

  • Will gave us a lot of things to think and talk about
  • Will was excellent and provided great insight relative to internal and external customer strategies
  • Made it very simple and relevant
  • Will was very engaging – good job
  • Very effective – more time in this area would have been great
  • Very intense speaker- very engaging
  • I thought it was excellent. Had good content and tied in BANTA messaging. Would have liked to spend more time on sales and marketing module. Well done for a short time
  • Very dynamic and thought provoking. Could tell that he did some homework with Banta before the session