Student Comments

The following are a few illustrative comments received from evaluations and emails from students.  They span classes in sales management, marketing, and international business in both undergraduate and graduate classes.


Professor Murphy is an phenomenal instructor who is ridiculously knowledgeable in various business contexts, especially the sales environment. His methods of instructing and engagement with the class is by far some of the best I’ve experienced. I felt enticed to be taking notes, while constantly preparing for the next question that he may ask, should I be called upon. I feel as though I have understood and appreciated the materials taught more practically since I was constantly being called upon to answer questions and encouraged to take meaningful notes. He is understanding when it comes to class material and student’s busy schedules, and excels in motivating his students to work their hardest and strive for the best results.My interest in sales has definitely increased significantly because of this class and professor. I feel privileged to have learned what I have from such a credible source and have already began applying this knowledge in my work life, as well as in other classes. I will definitely be recommending this class and professor to future students.I would, without a doubt, seek future educational opportunities with William Murphy as an instructor.



Hey professor,

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this class.  It has encouraged me to look globally for any career opportunities that may be available to me in the future.

Enjoy the holidays!

Cheers, Inder


Hello Will,

Thank you very much for the course, I found it interesting and useful. The level of commitment you show towards educating your students and giving them value for the money they spend to be attending the course is far beyond what I have seen from most other professors I have had at the U of S.  It is obvious that you are truly passionate about the content you are educating us on and it makes the course much easier to stay engaged with.



This is Bill, from the MBA Program – and Marketing class you just finished teaching. I just wanted to pass along my thanks for such a great Marketing class. I’ve talked to pretty much everyone in the class, and the word is that you delivered one of the best classes of the program. So thanks again for the energy you brought and the approach you took to the class. The feedback you gave throughout the class was amazing, and will be incredibly helpful for us moving forward. Also, I must admit, you peaked my interest in exploring Marketing, and being a Marketing Consultant, as a possible career choice. I was wondering if there is any way I might be able to meet with you sometime to sort of pick your brain, sort to speak, as to what career opportunities in Marketing look like and what to expect – that sort of thing. If not I completely understand, as I am sure you are busy, but if you could find the time it would be incredibly helpful for me.

Thanks again!




I really enjoyed your class I wish you were teaching other courses. I still need to know where you get all of your energy!



Hi Prof. Murphy,

Thanks, it was a great class with good feedback,



Hi Professor Murphy,

Thanks again – I enjoyed the class!

Steve Leask

Vessel Operator

Canpotex Shipping Services Limited



Professor Murphy,

I learned a lot from you this semester, your passion and interest in Marketing is evident and comes across in all of your lectures. Now, I often walk into retail outlets and ask questions about product placement and advertising that I never would have thought of in the past. Thank you for raising my level of awareness and interest in a new subject matter.

Happy Holidays!



Hi Professor Murphy,

I’m a student in your Marketing 300 lecture and I really enjoyed that final video you played in lecture today. I was wondering if you had a link for it online somewhere or if there was any other way I could get the file.

Also, though I’m not majoring in marketing, I really enjoyed your class. I found the lectures to be interesting and you presented the information very well. I definitely learned a lot this semester.

Thanks a lot,



Hi Prof. Murphy,

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful class experience in marketing last semester for the evening MBA class. I can honestly say that the class was the most useful and also the most enjoyable class we’ve had yet, at least from my perspective (I know a lot of my classmates share the sentiment).

Thanks again and have a great summer.

Best regards,




Prof. Murphy,

I first and foremost wanted to thank you for your presentation of marketing 300 this semester. Although my performance in the class regarding the first two exams were well below my expectations, I cannot tell you how many times every lecture some of your points that you made reminded me of the company that I currently work for. I would have to honestly say that my interest level at the beginning of the semester was not high. Yet utilizing the time spent in discussion and with the group project gave me an elevated awareness to the importance of marketing in all aspects of business. Through your in class examples, and through the realization that marketing went well beyond commercials and advertisements, I thank you for all of your insight that will only help me to perform at higher levels in the future.

Stephen J. Cox

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

3025 Huntington Circle

Brookfield, WI 53005

[email protected]


This is Dan Hegg mailing you,

The reason why I am mailing you first and foremost is simply to thank you once again for a very enjoyable semester. Your class was one of the few I have had on Campus that was able to hold my interest throughout the entire semester and allow me to feel like I was constantly learning useful knowledge about the real working world.

I would also like to thank you for your advice and and sharing your knowledge and experience when I came to ask you about the decision of my major. You and Matt O’Hern were both very helpful this semester not only in providing knowledge about the marketing subject, but also about the career field and opportunities marketing has to offer, and for that I must also thank you.

Once again thanks alot for a great semester and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Thank you again, Dan


Professor Murphy,

I would like to thank you for your teaching this semester. Since I am currently in a slew of introductory business courses which are often difficult and dull, I appreciate your enthusiasm, realistic approach and efforts toward this class. I worked in the Marketing Department at Briggs & Stratton this summer, and found your class to be a great amplification of the real world, as I have seen it thus far. I sincerely hope to be one of your students again during my career at the UW.

Thank You